• Alchemy


    Design, Production & Manufacturing

    We are a company based in Australia that designs, develops & manufactures products from a concept through to a product being ready to be put onto a store shelf. We bring brilliant ideas; whether yours or ours, to life.

  • Transmute

    Alchemy in the English dictionary loosely means from transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value; and this is where the foundation of where our company originates from. Turning ideas into profitable commercial ventures. From any level or stage where your product may be at, we can uplift/upscale or create your product into a successful commercial entity.


    Alchemy is dedicated to fantastic and functional end products & digital media with the practice of good industrial design. We are well versed in products in various markets & things of great design, from IT products through to beauty, luxury items, foods and many more. At Alchemy, we believe that to design any successful product you must understand how it can be commercially viable first, before it can be effectively manufactured and be created. We have over more than 20 years of experience in the consumer market from different industries. Our expertise is unmatched.
  • Digitally Complete

    Our in-house digital department also takes care of digital media; this even includes point of sale material, packaging design (& manufacture) through to even professional product photography (on all levels).

    Eye for Detail

    With our ‘road to market’ approach (please see our articles on this website on our step by step approach) we have built up years of experience through every aspect of the design, engineering and product supply process. Couple this with our obsessive eye for detail, our passion and constant pursuit of knowledge; Alchemy is your complete partner.
  • Your best partner

    Globally Connected

    We leverage our large network global contacts that we have developed over decades to constantly look for new improved ways to manufacture products that are easy to the eye, well made and cost effective. We also keep up to date with the trends through careful analysis of both past and emerging design trends.

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    Alchemy....turning brilliant ideas into successful commercial entities. So if you are looking to uplift, develop or launch a product at any level or stage, we can assist you to maximize and uplift your product or brand.