In House Brands

Although Alchemy's focus & service is uplifting your brand, our in house brands are a large part of our company. 

For confidentiality reasons, we are not able to provide information on brands we manage; so please feel free to overlook our in-house brands information for a gauge on the quality of brand image that your brand or product can achieve with our services.

If you are a distributor who may be interested in distributing our in-house brands, please contact us for getting in touch with us, or where applicable, our distributors.

  • nKliq


    Upscale Accessorizing

    nKliq is a brand which design & manufacture upscale fashionable accessory products for people ‘on the go’, that are designed for portable and mobile devices.

    nKliq provides products that offer more in terms of design, innovative features and unique selling points to create a point of difference.


  • Smojo


    Technology Addicted

    Smojo is an Australian brand which manufactures a range of accessories for mobility devices; combining quality cost effective technology with materials that deliver great products of tomorrow’s technology, today.

    Smojo products allow us all to work, play, help create, and share in a more fun way. Smojo accessories help add more value and fun to devices, either when out and about, lazing around at home, or relaxing out by the pool.


  • Auspurity


    Auspurity is a brand created in 2015 and produces health products to the health market in selected areas across the globe.

    Auspurity produces products that are based on material from Australia, and supplying people across the globe of our high quality minerals.

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