• Concept


    If you are at the initial stage, or trying to come up with a concept, we can have a discussion to understand your objectives and where you want to go. We can/also will draw upon our design expertise and the knowledge we gain working with our clients and develop a conceptual idea that will be commercially viable. Creating a powerful vision & concept starts here. Each product have their beginning in this creative and is a critical stage in product development.
  • 3D Visualisation

    3D Visualisation

    Upon coming up with a concept, or if you have your own concept; the next stage is to design a 3D visualisation of the product in 3D software. This will give you a good idea on what the product will look like, and if any changes may need to be made to meet your satisfaction and/or requirement.

    We also have many products available that can also be altered in their tooling, at this stage for cost & time efficiency.

  • Sample Prototypes

    Sample Prototypes

    If you have a ready made product already, or have undergone the first two initial stages, the next step is to develop a prototype sample that would be ready for mass production. Through our stringent factories based in China and Taiwan, we use the very best in tooling and craftsmanship.

    Should you have a ready made product need replicating through our factories, this will speed up the process.

  • Certifications


    Your product needs to comply with local (or international if you plan to sell internationally) compliance to meet health & safety requirements. We use only recognised & reputable labs from TÜV Reinland.

    This is extremely important to certify the safety, performance, and quality of technical equipment, capital goods, durable goods, and consumer goods. We will make sure your product complies with the applicable standards so that your product will be ready to market before production.

  • Packaging


    Packaging in this day and age can make or break a product. Getting your product noticed on the store shelf and getting the attention of the consumer is just as important as the product itself.

    Buying a product is an experience in recent studied. We develop and produce top of the line emotional experiences and high end product appeal for consumers. Our digital team create simple, effective and minimalist designs and keep up with the latest trends and innovation.

    We also partner with the very best printing factories and produce high quality prints, in a wide variety of material (including specialty) at very good price points to make your product strong commercially.

  • Technical Drawings

    Technical Drawings

    Technical drawings can come accompanied in product packaging, or in product manuals. Our design team have been using vector based software (Autocad & Adobe Illustrator) for many years for drawing accurate illustrations to accompany these materials

    Should you require technical drawings, please contact us to assist you with accurately & presenting your products in fine form.

  • Production


    Once the product has been complied with the appropriate certifications, and packaging has been designed; the product/s are ready for mass production. Our factories located in China & Taiwan, are world class factories to produce goods at low to high production scales. Not only on a high scale, but with low fault rates.

    Have you already got a finished product that needs replicating at a more affordable price and higher quality? Sure, this is no problem. We can help you with your production.

  • Photography & Retouching

    Photography & Retouching

    When you sell products; you need to display them to the world in the best light (no pun intended) possible. To show the prospective client; how it will relate to them emotionally or how they will find a use for it.

    Simply white background images are easy, yet tedious, but with our photographic expertise we make them look pristine. Our digital team have years of photographic experience, and can provide photography with simple backgrounds through to lifestyle (in environment).

    Our digital team are also experts in Adobe Photoshop, and can uplift your already take images and place them in environments or uplift them for maximum sales appeal.

  • Logistics


    We partner with the very best shipping company in the world: OOCL to get your products safely and quickly. We will take care of the logistics for you and get your product through customs and to your door; easily and quickly without hassle (taking without consideration of local regulations). Our team will take care of it all for you.

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